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    Teradata script returns no data when executed within Tableau

    Andreas Linden



      A fairly straightforward Teradata SQL SELECT script which returns results outside of Tableau (run in Teradata SQL Assistant etc.) returns zero rows when executed as a Custom SQL script in Tableau Desktop version 10.4.8.


      Is this a known bug, or maybe there's a workaround?


      I've noticed some other odd behaviour (e.g. parts of a UNION ALL script not returning any data within Tableau, but data being returned when run outside of Tableau)



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          Hello Andreas,


          One thing I would test the query that you are attempting to run using the below syntax.


          SELECT *


                  (CUSTOMER'S CUSTOM SQL

              ) "Custom SQL Query"

          The SELECT clause and any WHERE or GROUP BY clauses are formed by Tableau. When testing the query in another tool, make sure you grab the entire query, including the Tableau-generated clauses.


          If the query works in the above test there could be something occur with Tableau Desktop and I would open a case with the Tableau Support team.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick