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    Tableau crashes when I use a shapefile

    Farshad Rastgouy

      I am making a viz on a summary of UK earnings. The data comes from the ONS and includes various regions, districts, counties and countries in the UK and is very extensive (over a million rows)


      In order to adequately map the earnings for these places, I downloaded a shapefile from the ONS (http://geoportal.statistics.gov.uk/datasets/local-authority-districts-december-2015-full-clipped-boundaries-in-great-bri… ).


      However when I tried to join the data using the "Inner" option to sync the geography code columns together, my computer spends ages doing the joining and then Tableau crashes around the 200,000th row.


      Anyone have an idea why this is happening?


      Here is a link to my viz if it's helpful:

      Tableau Public


      Thanks in advance,