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    How can I do a filter and highlight action at the same time?

    Farshad Rastgouy

      I am creating a visualisation on the summary of earnings in the UK and I have created a couple of maps displaying the different earnings across different parts of the country by region (such as the South East of England) and district (such as Camden)


      I have also created a series of charts that illustrate the top and bottom 10 regions for a series of different measures.


      I have added a feature where if you hover over a district that is listed in one of the top and bottom charts, that district is highlighted on a map. However, some of the regions are so tiny that you can't even see them highlighted on the map.


      What I would like to do is add a feature that filters the map of the districts to show only the districts that are in the same region of the district that is selected, but also highlights the district hovered over.


      This way the map is zoomed in enough to see any highlighted district no matter how big.


      Here is a link to the viz:

      Tableau Public


      Would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.