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    how to extend session time limit for Tableau Online

    Scott Laronge

      I have a report that takes about 45 minutes to run when I do so on Tableau Desktop.  It is just a visualization of a beefy SQL query, there's no calculations done within Tableau itself.


      When I publish this to Tableau Online and try to run the report I receive an error message of "Computing the current visualization has exceeded the session time limit. Use the back button to return to a valid view."  My guess is this pops up after about 30 min.  I don't babysit it to see how long it actually takes.


      Searching online I only see this KB article of how to extend a user's session via Tableau Server: Changing the User Session Timeout | Tableau Software


      Is there a way to do so on Tableau Online so my users can (albeit slowly) see this report?