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    Counting Notes per Case by Customer - Help with Calculation

    Emily Skoraczewski

      All,  I need some help with a calculation.


      I'm trying calculate the Avg. Notes per Case for a customer


      Example of Graph:



      As you can see, I'd like to see the avg. notes per case by month, by customer.


      I my data, I have two Dimensions I am using:


      1. Count of All Cases Created: (COUNTD([Case Id]))

      - For my specific Customer, I get 209, which I verified against the raw data, and is correct.


      2. Note Count from Dealer  (This is an integer in my data)

      -If I count this field, I get 3,392 (Below)


      - If I Sum(Int(Note Count from Dealer)), I get  19,259





      Looking at the data that feeds this, in Excel, if I do a Sum on count of notes, I get 695.  That 695 is the CORRECT number.  However, I cannot figure out why Tableau does not calculate that.  Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong and how I can figure this out?