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    Change Data Source from Custom SQL Query back to Table Tree

    Goncalo Alemao

      Hello all,


      I wanted to know if its possible to change the Data Source from "Custom SQL Query" back to a Table Tree again.


      Basically I wanted to have a lighter database, so I removed some SQL lines from the original data tree, resulting on a Custom SQL Query.

      After that I saved and closed Tableau (to work on it in the next day). However, the calculations are much slower and I want to have my dataset the way it was before - in tree mode.


      I already added all the SQL lines that I removed but it's still on "Custom SQL Query" mode.


      Is there any way to make it as a Table Tree again?


      Thank you for your help!


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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Goncalo,


          "Convert to Custom SQL" is a one-way operation.

          No way to roll back other than using the Back button

          while the Tableau Desktop session is still open.


          Besides, the "converted" Custom SQL datasource

          is not the same thing as the original one (before the conversion).


          Using the original table objects combined into the datasource schema,

          Tableau would parse its' metadata and generate more efficient SQL code.

          With Custom SQL object(s), Tableau simply wrap its' own code around them

          (each Custom SQL to become a sub-SELECT inside a Tableau-generated query).





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