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    Unable to connect to data source (Excel) with PQstatus: 1, fe_sendauth: no password supplied

    Scott Henry

      Hi all -


      I built a dashboard that uses 'buttons' to swap between dashboards, just a worksheet action that moves to the next dashboard. It works just fine in Desktop, and works on server, with one exception, that if I try to get to the 'second' dashboard by simply navigating directly to the content (instead of using the button from the first dashboard), I get 'unable to connect to data source : PQstatus: 1, fe_sendauth: no password supplied'.


      This is bizarre since it works fine when using the in dash button navigation. The data sources are two excel files (basically two copies of the same file, just using a different sheet as the source), published as workbook embedded extracts without refresh.


      Has anyone run into this problem or found a solution? I've considered moving the data to SQL server thinking that might 'fix' it. There doesn't seem to be a great reason for the failure. I can mock up a workbook, but I think the issue here is on the server side rather than a quirk in the workbook. I could definitely be wrong.




      Super exciting screenshot: