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    Data Source Restrictions

    Tabatha Spake

      Hello. This is my first discussion post.


      I need to be able to restrict what data sources a desktop user can publish. We are on 10.5.2 and have some end users requesting Desktop access. We would like for them to not be able to publish any data source or workbooks with a custom sql query or new data source that they have created embedded in it.


      Has anyone else been faced with this same challenge and do you have any suggestions on how we can manage?


      Let me know if there is more detail that I can provide.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Jeff Strauss

          There's no way to restrict analysts from using custom sql within Tableau Desktop, and there's no permissions that can be set when publishing.  Maybe you could restrict it on the database itself, or go submit an idea Ideas  .  Or better yet, label it as a best practice and if you see some really awful custom sql that analysts are having problems with, say convert it to standard Tableau joins and show them the benefits.

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            Mark Wu

            Tabatha, Agreed w Jeff. I also want to understand what is your true concern for publishers to use other data sources or custom SQL. I have an IT supported Tableau server that is mainly for EDW data sources, I also know that publishers join EDW data with other datasets that are not in EDW but are important for them to get additional insights. Why not? However I do watch all the data sources used on the server and my management is Ok as long as the EDW vs other data source mix is about 70-30 (not other way around).

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              Tabatha Spake

              The extracts we push to Server are considered the System of Record. If we allow end users to create their own then it would likely be an admin nightmare trying to moderate them. We have an entire department of staff that creates and supports these extracts. For now we have avoided this issue because we recently learned that they will not need to publish anything back to the server!


              Thank you all for the responses. I hope that in a future version there is a little more control over what a publisher can and cannot publish.

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                Kye Hittle

                Hi Tabatha, have you considered certified data sources? Only Site Admins and Project Leaders are allowed to certify a data source (more details at link). This doesn't keep non-certified data sources completely off the Server but it does show users if the data source is certified, which you can define/socialize among users as whatever you'd like (e.g. system of record) . The certification status is visible in Tableau Desktop and to end user viewing a specific View (above the View, hover over the cylinder (to the right of the Favorite star) to the right of the bread crumbs). Let us know if you have any questions with this! 

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                  Tabatha Spake

                  Thank you. Yes we have certified all of the data sources we have validated.

                  Just trying to keep the number of non-certified ones down. That is a good

                  practice though. Thanks for the reminder.




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                    Raj Garimilla

                    Hello Jeff,


                    We are planning to implement certification of data sources. We have multiple sites (OEM Model). I want to certify the data source in the default project and then use the API to loop thru each site and publish that certified data source to other sites. The data source is getting published correctly but the certification and the notes is not getting published.


                    Is it possible to programatically update the certification in all sites ?




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                      Jeff Strauss

                      It appears there is no flag available in the payload to specify the certification status and notes.  This is probably a good idea to submit.


                      Reference-Tableau Server REST API - Tableau