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    Dual Axis chart display measure values

    Shruthi B S

      Hi Everyone,


      I have been receiving constant support from community members and I'm really thankful for that.


      In my most recent work, I have created a dual axis chart to display sales and YoY , QoQ growth . The user is interested to see only "current Qtr", "Previous Qtr" and "Previous year same Qtr" related values.


      I want to show only YoY & QoQ growth for current qtr ie., only 25.5% & -39.4%. I dont want to see 107.2%. Is there a way to hide only this value. Also want to show label next to 25.5% as to which qtrs are compared there ie., 2019Q2 & 2018Q2 and similarly for QoQ . Want to color positive and negative growths with green and red colors. Please provide guidance to achieve this. Below is the mock up of expected view.