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    Reverse Engineering Ryan Sleeper's Super Store dashboard

    Dipali Janani

      Hello All -


      I have just started using Tableau and after taking a bunch of online classes, I wanted to create my own dashboard. I have started simulating Ryan Sleeper's Super Store dashboard.


      It has order dates until the year 2016. Attached are both the twbx and the data set.


      I have a question about the sales bar graph that he has created. I am using my period dates as 9/1/2016 to 9/30/2016. When I go to his sheet, I notice that he has created a calculated field called CP Sales which is based off of something called an "Order Date 2017". I don't quite understand why he is adding 365 days to the Order date and then using "Order Date 2017" as his base for calculating the sales.

      If I had to calculate the sales, I would have just used the order date as my filter and would have aggregated the sales across that time period. What am I missing here?


      With this order date 2017, obviously the sales values differ from the sales based on just the order date.



      PS: The reason I am reverse engineering the dashboard than creating me own just helps me stay confident that I will have some solution to fall back on when I stumble.


      Thank you,