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    Starting and Closing Inventory


      Hi everyone. I am building a report to keep track of inventory by a parameter I've created.


      In this report, I will be showing current on hand quantity, checked in quantity, days on hand, sales $, units sold, and more.


      I will have it always displaying the previous month, so you can get a full month's snapshot (other than current on hand quantity).


      My challenge is this.


      I have a field for "date" and I have a field for "on hand qty". I need to create a column that shows "starting inventory" and one for "closing inventory" based on the date filter selected (which is always showing previous month).


      I.E., something that would look and say: grab the on hand qty from the minimum date/maximum date (in the filtered date range).


      I've googled this a lot, and I'm still having trouble doing this. Any help would be great. Thanks!