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    Trusted tickets

    RK Raj

      Hi All,

      I'm looking how to  setup trusted tickets on Tableau server ? Any one who did earlier please guide.

      I gone through below  url not get clear idea.


      Trusted Authentication

      Appreciate you time thank you.



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          Jeff Strauss

          All that's really needed on Tableau Server is the whitelisting of the IP's that will issue the request for the trusted tickets.  The rest is up to the calling app to issue the request ticket and then store the ticket for subsequent commands.

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            Jon H

            I've done this in PHP/curl. As Jeff says, the main sticking point is ensuring that your requesting server is whitelisted. You can supply a "client_ip" but that is optional (and I'd encourage you to not to add that while you are finding your feet).


            Are you looking to do this programmatically? If so, what language do you plan to use?