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    How to get a percentage from two measures

    Riaz Khan



      I have two measures that I can minus from each other and they give me the difference correctly but I can't divide or try to get percentage from. I am attaching an image as I can't attach a file with actual data due to confidentiality.


      On Sunday I have number 125 and 198. I need to know the percentage difference between the two of them.


      I created a test percentage field with


      [Calc Current - Prior]/[Calc Prior 6 week DN Drop] and the first number for SUN is correct, -36% but the rest are not. Can not figure out why.


      The calc I am using for the AGG(Calc Current- Prior) measure is SUM([Current Week DN Drop]) / ([Calc Prior 6 week DN Drop])


      Is this a LOD issue? I have been studying up on them but still confusing on when to use FIXED, INCLUDE or EXCLUDE


      Thanks in advance for any help.


      EDIT. Attaching workbook with dummy data