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    Returning one result from a calculated field

    James Needham

      I have joined two data sources with a Left join


      And created the following calculation


      IF [Maturity Level 5]="Complete" then "Level 5"

      ELSEIF [Maturity Level 4]="Complete" then "Level 4"

      ELSEIF [Maturity Level 3]="Complete" then "Level 3"

      ELSEIF [Maturity Level 2]="Complete" then "Level 2"

      Elseif [Maturity Level 1]="Complete" then "Level 1"

      Else "Not Started"



      Likely because of the 2 data sources I am getting 2 results back on those that match


      "Not Started" and "Level X"

      1App 1Not Started
      2App 2Not Started
      3App 3Not Started
      Level 2
      4App 4Not Started


      Where the result I am after is either


      1) Just Level X or Not Started


      2) Where result = both Level X and Not Started then Level X



      Any suggestions?