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    Conditional formatting

    Jerome Breil

      Dear community,


      My question is part of the thousands questions about conditional formatting : I've spend a lot of time reading your answers and looking for a solution for my problem but I didn't find a good one so let's try my luck...


      My problem is quite simple : I've a sheet with a table containing 12 columns and 10 rows. I would like to color the values of a SINGLE ROW (so let the other rows in white and grey -WITH ROW BANDING-) according to a given parameter.


      My solutions for the moment :

      - conditional formatting with a calculated field (IF Value < Parameter then "yellow" etc.) BUT it colors all the chart so I'm not interested in...

      - Measure values legend in color : it works BUT, I don't manage to format the legend (then the color) according to a parameter (you can fix your palette of color, start, end and center but manually : I don't figure out how to make these data linked to a parameter - to avoid changing all the numbers when your target changes for instance-). Also, I don't know how I can conserve the row banding because it runs over it.


      See attached a picture which is an overview of my work with the solution 2 (I ve artificially put the first row in white, the second in grey, the third with a palette but I can not link the color palette with a parameter -like a target-). More in detail -but its not the most important-, this solution is not sustainable if the number of rows is odd and you add a first measure in the rows to have a detailed view -like having this 3 lines by plant for instances- : the blending will not follow


      I can not share here my workbook as I m working on confidential data : sorry by advance and hope someone will put me on track toward a solution.


      Last but not least, I know that there is a solution to do that "plotting the number" : I would like to keep the text table...


      Thanks for your help by advance,