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    Highest Value for First Date

    Nathan Haines

      Good Afternoon,


      What i am trying to achieve is to create a view from something similar to the attached that will show the following:


      1. how much more than the sold price a vehicle would have made had it been sold for it's highest bid on the first date

      2. be able to sum the above across all (in this case both) vehicles to be able to show the total missed opportunity


      my attempt was to use a LOD calc but it doesn't work { FIXED [Reg]: (IF MIN([Date]) then MAX([Bids]) END)}

      The thing is i would like to be able to have the figure without needing to have the date in view also i.e be able to plot this on say a bar chart.


      I'm sure there must be some sort of Window Function or similar needed but i have had a look for this and cannot find a resource which seems to answer the problem i am having - so hoping one of the helpful people on the Tableau Forum are able to help me


      Thanks in advance,