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    Tableau Online "Unable to connect to the data source"

    Artem Kushnirenko



      I'm just recently acquired Tableau Desktop with Tableau Online. I connected to my company's AWS Athena service using Tableau Desktop, and created my first dashboard. When I upload it with a live connection, I get a "Unable to connect to the data source" error, along with a long error message:


      com.tableausoftware.jdbc.TableauJDBCException: Error reading metadata for executed query: SELECT *
      FROM (
        select web1.id,
               enc.webshop as encrypted_name,
               web1.website as merchant_url
        from (select merchant_id, min(id) as id 
        from "viabill_prod_job"."webshop_store" where active=true
        group by merchant_id
      ) "custom_sql_query"
      LIMIT 0
      Failed to run query
      There was a Java error.
      Unable to connect to the server "athena.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


      I have no issues viewing and working with the data in Tableau desktop. Is it only possible to maintain a live connection using a Bridge or?


      My Tableau Desktop version is 2018.1.2.