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    List of Context Dependent Menu Items?

    Thomas Rones

      I have noticed that sometimes items are greyed out, but other times they just do not appear. Is there a methodology behind deciding which to grey-out and which to hide altogether?


      I recently had a customer ask about this menu item, but I had never seen it before:


      Show hidden data? Blended data? I couldn't figure out how to make this appear in my own workbooks. (note: I use English Tableau)


      So, Is there a list of context dependent menu items, like the example I have shown above? (and below)


      Another Example:

      This one makes sense, because you have to move the label before it can be reset, but still you only see it after you move the label.


      Any others you know of?

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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Thomas,


          Each of the grayed out options relates to a feature that is not utilized or capable of being used at the moment in a similar way as that reset position one.   For instance, if you create a scatter plot and the data would not support a Forecast, then the forecast option will be greyed out.  Hidden data is data that has been hidden as explained here  - Show or Hide Missing Values or Empty Rows and Columns

          I suggest reviewing each of the menu items in the online help as you become more familiar with Tableau to better understand why some of the features are not available.  Sometimes it could be related to the data source, the values in the data itself, or the view currently selected  with the data and field types selected.  The disabling of features is meant to prevent confusion about what is currently available to be done with the view though.


          I hope this helps.