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    Date/Calendar Help

    Emily Alden

      I cannot seem to figure out how to get the data to display the way I want it to. I know how to do it if I completely restructure the data, but was hoping to avoid doing this.


      I have data in the following format

      ProcessStart DateDuration (Weeks)
      Quantity per Week
      ACreate Pattern2/2/20182







      The visualization I am struggling with is a vertical bar chart for each process that has one bar per week with the planned amount.


      So for "Design" the week of 1/15/2018 would have a vertical bar of 500, the week of 1/22 would have a vertical bar of 500, and 1/29 would have a vertical bar of 1,100.


      I am having difficulty getting a bar to show up on the week that I "don't have data for". I tried introducing a calendar with all dates and they saying "IF [DAY]  > = [Start Date]   AND   [Day]   <=   [Start Date]  +  7  *  [Duration] THEN [Quantity] END"  without luck.


      Is there anyway to get the visualization I want without restructruing my raw data?