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    Mapping where each row contains 50 state values

    Sean Holt

      Hello all,


      I am stuck on a little bit of a problem and am hoping to get your help! I know this is data is not really what Tableau is designed for, but I cannot change the data format in this case.


      Is it possible to create a map in Tableau where each row contains all 50 state values and to aggregate the data for mapping, such that if a row is filtered out a new state total can be calculated? Note, I am using PyTab. So If there is a way to manipulate script_real as to not calculate based on each row and if Tableau is able to have a measure which is limited to the 50 states outside of the connected data, using python can also an option. However, even with python, I have not been able to find a solution that works within Tableau.


      To give you a better idea of the data I am looking at, below is a screenshot. Note that "ID" is the connecting factor to the rest of the data.



      Preferably, the goal is to be able to select IDs and for a united states map to calculate the mean/std of each state.


      I appreciate your help!