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    Can I use Filter Actions to just send a "variable?"

    Gil kim

      I have 2 visualizations. The first is just a bar graph with profit by month. The second is a table view that shows QTD breakdowns of the aggregated data. The problem I'm having is if I select May, I would like the QTD table to only show values for April and May. I was going to do this by sending just the month and then having a calculated field as a filter to just capture the quarter for that month but I think tableau is just selecting data for the selected month only.


      I also tried using exclude LOD but I'm not sure at which entry point I should use it. I created a calculated field with just the month but couldn't wrap my head around how I would get access to that field.


      Is there a way to "send" the 2nd table just the value of 5 (just trying to make it super basic, month # of May) and then do calculations on that value for the entire workbook?