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    Scale Bar Chart by Column Value

    Lindon Belshe

      Hi. I have two bar charts on separate worksheets that come from the same dataset; each bar is a count of the number of records for some value appearing in a column (categorical with these 9 options). One is filtered one way and the groups that are exclude those that are included in the second chart.


      Basically, what I am attempting to get is a calculated field that finds the value with the highest number of records and multiplies it by 1.1. The more important step is how to then make the charts (which aren't static, so the values could change) the height of the new calculated field. Ideally graphing say an invisible line would be the best method (hiding it from the legend), but - being fairly new to Tableau - I'm having trouble finding how to do this.


      In the attached example, the goal is to make both charts reach up to the max value calculation (which is an attempt, not sure if the syntax is correct).


      Thank you!