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    Calculated Field

    Ivory Peng

      I am new to Tableau and I have this question, hoping someone can help me to solve it..

      Suppose I have this data


      Student 1MathA
      Student 1Social StudyA
      Student 1ScienceA
      Student 2MathB
      Student 2Social StudyA
      Student 2ScienceA
      Student 3MathB
      Student 3Social StudyB
      Student 3ScienceA


      I want to generate a calculated field so that:


      If a student received A in all subjects, then he's in List-A

      If a student received one or more B in any subjects, then he's in List-B


      If I get something like this it would be great.


      Student 1MathAList A
      Student 1Social StudyAList A
      Student 1ScienceAList A
      Student 2MathBList B
      Student 2Social StudyAList B
      Student 2ScienceAList B
      Student 3MathBList B
      Student 3Social StudyBList B
      Student 3ScienceAList B


      Thanks in advance for your help!