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    Time Elapsed Calculation, Please Help

    Sneha Darsi

      Hi All,

      I am working on creating a view that shows time elapsed in a 24 hour format, like the one shown below. So the goal would be to click on any date and see that for each source system, the files ran from say 6:30 AM to 11:30AM, 3:00 to 7:45PM, and so on (with the Gantt bars matching the start and end times). I'm about 80% done, but am stuck with a duplication problem on the X-Axis, where instead of showing a single 24-hour cycle, it shows 2. It was suggested to me that the problem may lie in the calculation I did to get time elapsed (labeled as "End-Start SM", which involves the calculations labeled as "End Time SM" and "Start Time SM"). I know there are some files that run for over a day (like on 1/24/2018, a CIS file starts on 1/23), so the bars should carry over to the next day for those particular files. I'm thinking that the problem with the duplication and the times needing to be carried over might be related and are probably a result of a calculation error. However, calculations are the part that I really struggle with the most, especially as a Tableau rookie. Could somebody please help me with this? Thank you so much. The image below is what this should look like


      Update: I attached a newer copy of the workbook with a couple of minor changes made. Appreciate any assistance, thank you!