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    List of analysis possible with tableau (eg., cohort, customer churn, sankey etc)

    rupesh muppala

      Hi ... This is my first question in tableau forums. Tableau is a great tool and I am slowing finding my feet with the tool. I always wonder what are all the different analysis possible with tableau. Even though, it is virtually possible to create any visual by doing some work arounds with tableau. It would be handy for me to know the standard list of different analysis that are possible with tableau to use them in my projects. I work on short projects and I need to perform different kind of analysis for each project. I came across sankey, cohort, customer churn analysis which are not straight forward but possible with certain workarounds. If I know the list of analysis that is possible then I can quickly search for the implementation of a particular analysis. It saves me a lot of time. I have googled to know the list of analysis that can be performed with tableau. Sadly I do not find any relevant result. I hope this question would help a lot of people who are searching like me.