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    Add a grand totals Column

    Scott Schmeling

      Hi I was hoping someone could tell me the best way to add a grand totals by category column. 


      I have attached a WB it was done in 10.3. 


      Right now I have a Sheet that looks like:


      2017 Q32017 Q42018 Q12018 Q4
      MCAProv NameProv SpecABTotalABTotalABTotalABTotal


      I want to add one more series of Columns at the end that show

      Grand TotalHeader 2Header 3


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I have tried a LOD but the issue is getting it to sit at the end of the table in line with the Prov Name.  The formula I used was:


      {fixed [Category], [ProvName]: Sum(Counts)} 


      I just can't seem to get it to align at the end of the table.