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    Calculate across timestamps outside of table calculation

    Lisa Hoyer

      Hi all,


      I thought i had a very simple use case, but all my attempts are unsuccessful, so I need your help. I have an application that returns a status to me (A, B, C or D). I wanted to create a bar chart which showed the amount of time the application had each status.


      I turned the timestamp [time] into a float with float([time]) and thought I could calculate the difference to each previous timestamp with the standard table calculation "Difference from". All is working until here, but then I cannot aggregate these difference e.g. to show a bar chart per hour/ day and so on.


      Honestly I am no fan of table calculations. I prefer global variables/LOD-expressions, because they don't keep changing depending on what is dragged onto the canvas. Does anyone have an idea how I can achieve a chart like the one below with my sample data? (The column "solution needed" does not exist in the original data and shows only how a solution could look like)


      btw: I am still working with Tableau 10.4, so I can't open worksheets, that have been created in a higher version of tableau.