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    How to Remove/Change Tableau Dashboard Data Sources??

    Dileep Reddy

      Hi All,


      I have created a workbook with 3 dashboards from 2 custom sql's. Now i need to take out 1 data Source without effecting the developed workbook or create an entirely new data source without using Custom SQL for all 3 dashboards.


      Below is an example of my situation :


      Data_Source_Name       Workbook_Name

      Custom_sql1                    W1

      Custom_sql2                    W2

      Custom_sql2                    W3


      Now i need try for below possible solutions, can you please let me know on how to achieve this.


      1) Now i need to remove Custom_sql1 data source and move the workbook W1 data source to Custom_sql2, without effecting the workbook or adding the same data source again.

      2) Lets remove both the data sources and create as new datasource (not a Custom SQL), with out effecting the workbooks.


      Note : Can't produce the Sample workbook, sorry for that.


      Thanks in Advance!!