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    Can anyone help me learn the basics to a real estate database?

    Federico Di Luzio

      Essentially, the scope of the project is to have a database with many comps (properties that a certain property can be compared to).


      It would involve having a property, say property A, whose details that I need to find among the property comperables include: asset type, property class, rentable area, current occupancy rate, year built, last acquired, # of floors.


      How do I create a sort of lookup system in Tableau where I, if I want to estimate the value of a certain property, I can choose to do so by comparing it to a large database of comperables?



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          I'm not sure if this is quite there, but maybe it can give an idea.


          If the Property A in question is also in your database,

          then you can try fixing that Property's attributes to

          every row in the dataset and then compare.


          In the workbook attached in the Forum Thread,

          I've used such attributes as Segment, Last Order, Sales.


          I created a parameter for Property, and then Fixed it's attributes:

          [Target Segment] is:

          { FIXED : MAX ( IF [Property]=[Select Target Property] THEN [Segment] END ) }


          Target Sales is similar:

          { FIXED : SUM ( IF [Property]=[Select Target Property] THEN [Sales] END ) }


          Then, the comparison to the target will be a series of conditionals:

          ABS(SUM([Target Sales])-SUM([Sales])) < (.1*SUM([Target Sales]))  // within 10% of target property


          ATTR([Segment])=ATTR([Target Segment])


          That Boolean can be placed on the filter shelf.



          If instead your Target Property A is not in your dataset,

          you can use parameters for each comp type and then

          make the similar Boolean comparison to each parameter.

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