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    Optimizing Processing Speeds when Working with Maps

    David Oliver

      Hello Everyone,


      I'm looking for some guidance on how to make my visualization operate as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The map functions well and responds quickly when viewing on my Professional Desktop version of Tableau (version 2018.1.0), but I would like to make sure it's configured to function optimally when viewed on Tableau Public.  My data is currently configured as such:


      County Shape File <---(Left-Joined with)--- Minor Civil Division Shape File <---(Left-Joined with)--- Data


      This was intentionally done so that the map is able to display both the County borders as well as the Minor Civil Division (MCD) borders.  Overall, I'm working with roughly 5100 marks, but even with such little data, the map does not respond as quickly as I would hope when viewing on Tableau Public.  The end result is to make this available publicly and be accessible to users on desktop and/or mobile devices.  Are there any good primers out there, or does anyone have knowledge/experience, that they feel applies to my situation?


      This may very well be an instance of too-lofty expectations, however, still being relatively new to Tableau, I would like to move forward with as much information as possible.

      A packaged workbook as well as a link to a public visualization will be provided.


      ***Edited 7/18/2018 to include updated link: Public Visualization


      Thank you in advance!