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    How to create a conditional filter based on another filter selection

    Anna Landreneau

      I cannot share my workbook due to data confidentiality.


      Say I am comparing some digital marketing performance metrics over time (just on a line graph) between two brands, Brand A and Brand B. The performance metrics may include something like Total Impressions, Total Clicks, Average CTR, and Average CPC. I want to do a multi-select for and set the brand filter to a conditional value that essentially says something like:


      IF metric = total_impressions OR total_clicks THEN sum(the two sets of brand values) ELSE avg(the two sets of brand values) END


      Essentially, if both brands are selected with the Total values, then the two brands should be summed over time. If both brands are selected respective to one of the Average metrics, then both brands should be averaged over time.


      I know where I need to write in this conditional filter, but I cannot find a syntax that works.