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    choosing measure with calculated field based on parameter

    Herman Dragesund

      Hi, I'm trying to make a calculated field where I choose the measures based on a parameter.

      Here is a overlook of my sheet:


      My calculated field fore choosing measure looks like this:

      calk, veld budsjett_resultat.PNG

      [Budsjett-calk], [Resultat-calk], [Diff-Bud/Res-calck2] and [%-Bud/Res-Calk] is all calculated fields. When I choose "Budsjett" or "Resultat" as the parameter I get the correct numbers in my table. However, when I choose "Differeanse" I get an empty table:
      tom tabell.PNG
      And whats really weird is that when a [chooseDiff-Bud/Res-Calck2] as a mesure without selecting it through the parameter and calculated field I get the correct numbers in my table.
      But I want to be able to choose this with the parameter.
      Here is my calculated field [Resultat-calk] (which works):
      and my calculated field [Diff-Bud/Res-Calck2] (which doesn't work):
      diff calc.PNG
      Can someone please help me with this?