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    current time and table adjustment


      I am looking to repurpose the following viz (workbook available for download):

      Tableau Public


      1. When selecting the date from the drop-down listbox in the top-right corner of the dashboard view, the action associated with selection only adjusts the reference line to indicate month/year on the graph. Ideally, I would like to adjust the start date to reflect this selection on the graph and end date according to the loan term selected (ie. 20 years). As a further improvement, not sure if there is an improvement where current month + 1 year could be populated into the listbox. Not many use cases where a user would want to input loan term start more than a year ahead.


      2. The equity at end of year sheet does not adjust based on the date selection from the listbox. The three outputs are static (5/10/15). How can this be adjusted based on the loan term field selection? For example, user selects 30 year term and the resulting output fields should indicate sum for every 5 year increment up until end term of 30 years.