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    Detecting overlapping shifts

    Ivan Casana-Gallen



      Let´s imagine that we have a team of domiciliary teachers who need to help some students to do some preparation for their final exams.


      Let´s imagine that we have a spreadsheet with the hours that each of these students has requested.


      Is there a way of detecting if there are any overlaps or double ups?


      In the data given below  you will be able to see there is an overlap between the third and the fourth lesson.


      Start time
      Finish Time
      01/06/2018   09:0001/06/2018   12:00Student 1
      05/06/2018 19:0005/06/2018  21:00Student 1
      10/06/2018 10:0010/06/2018 12:00Student 2
      10/06/2018 11:0010/06/2018 13:00Student 2



      Thank you