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    How can I group list of bank transactions by sub-category similar to personal budget heathers?

    Yves Lacroix

      I have imported my bank statement into Tableau.


      I want to see the various transactions types below as 'Dimension' and Measures' into Tableau so that I would be able to sort them by types of transactions and sum them up.  For example: Insurance, Investment, Deposits, Mobile expenses, etc. summed up by month and the entire year.



      Bank AccountTransaction DateAmount of transactionName or type of transactions
      Y & C L x569***01/02/2018-224.68INS Intact Assur.
      Y & C L x569***01/02/2018-33.31INS Intact Assur.
      Y & C L x569***01/02/2018-7600Chèque n° 692
      Y & C L x569***01/03/20183800MTF Invesco
      Y & C L x569***01/03/2018327.99CAS MFQ-SAE
      Y & C L x569***01/03/2018-290BPY CSA
      Y & C L x569***01/04/20182014.16Mobil Dépôt
      Y & C L x569***01/05/20182144.82PAY XYX
      Y & C L x569***01/05/2018-80Virement Interac-Envoyer des fonds
      Y & C L x569***01/08/2018-240.6INS Intact Assur.
      Y & C L x569***01/10/2018-232.75Virement Interac-Envoyer des fonds
      Y & C L x569***01/11/20183653.21PAY XXX
      Y & C L x569***01/11/2018-75Virement Interac-Envoyer des fonds
      Y & C L x569***01/11/2018-5316.29Paiement MASTERCARD CAPITAL ONE 522303******1888
      Y & C L x569***01/12/2018-26.22TPV Achat COUP DE PEIGNE 25764801
      Y & C L x569***01/13/2018-750Virement Interac-Envoyer des fonds
      Y & C L x569***01/13/2018-1Virement Interac-Frais
      Y & C L x569***01/15/2018-255Virement Interac-Envoyer des fonds
      Y & C L x569***01/15/2018-1Virement Interac-Frais
      Y & C L x569***01/16/2018-180BPY CSA
      Y & C L x569***01/16/2018-200Invesco



      When I import the above file into Tableau, I get the following Dimensions and Measures:



      Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 1.22.42 PM.png



      Do I need to prepare the data differently to get to do this?


      The end result should resemble something like this:




      -Investment and interest return





      -Car expenses