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    Grand total

    Lakshmi Palisetty

      Hi All,


      As per attached .twbx, I am calculating OPI% value as below formula.


      Formula: OPI % -- (OPI/(Current Order Amount-OPI))*100


      If you open attached .twbx and see Grand Total Row, for all the measures Grand Total working fine. But, coming to OPI% Column at Grand Total Level, It's showing 19,795 which is Total of OPI% values which calculated on all the rows using above formula. But as per business requirement I am expecting this Grand Total level OPI% value also same like above formula. I mean (OPI=183886, Current Order Amount=4197466)

      (183886/(4197466-183886))*100 i.e 4.58 But as I said, in current .twbx it's showing 19,795 which is Sum of OPI% column values by using above formula.


      Can anyone help me how to get OPI% as 4.58% at Grand Total level.


      As a work around, I am planning to add SummarySheet for each measure in different sheets instead of Grand Total and use them for this calculation. But, I am not sure whether this will workout or not? If yes, how to do implement this? OR if this is not good idea, you can give other solution to resolve this.


      Please help me and Thank you in advance for your support and help.



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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          see the attached

          the issue is with the calculation

          it should be



          and will return this -see last column





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