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    Date snapshot over time

    Lesley Campbell


      I am very new to tableau and am trying to create some dashboards for historical data as well as new. I have a data set that looks at orders over time. It records the open date and the closed date. However I want to look at how many orders were open each month (including new and existing). I have some ideas about if and count statements but any advice would be great.



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          Urszula Kotarba

          Hi Lesley,

          You can make periodic snapshots of data with Tableau incremental refresh. This is a method I've found on Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan blog and I can say from my experience that it really works (as I'm using it at my work to catch similar data)


          The only thing 'catchy' about this method is that it always has to be incremental refresh, so be careful with that, especially if you are not the only one who will be working on the workbook; once fully refreshed you are losing all the data.


          Other than that I think it's a pretty neat solutions if a database you are working on does not have a table that would automatically gather snapshot data


          Oh, and link to the blog post: Periodic Snapshots with Tableau Incremental Refresh | VizPainter