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    Postal codes in Bali unrecognizable

    Mathias Bengtsson

      Hi Tableau,


      I am a student in BI and saw that Tableau offered a student version to learn using Tableau while studying. I am working on a project in the Bali area and I want to plot all these postal codes onto a map. The problem is that Tableau does not recognize this data. Does Tableau only support "non-rural" countries? I can only find guides regarding the US and other top countries, which I find odd. I have seen that I could plot via long. and lat. but there are no lists available with this information in Bali, and I would have to find all these by myself.


      Is there any way I can plot these with my current lists? I do not have the business dataset yet, but I do know that they use these zip codes and provinces for their data.


      I hope some of you can help


      Thanks in advance,