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    Tableau Error: The load was not able to complete successfully.

    Amit Parihar

      I get the error "The load was not able to complete successfully" when trying to open the workbook. What is interesting is that this only happens when I download the workbook using tabcmd. when I download the workbook in the same folder by actually going to Tableau server and using the download option, it doesn't give me the error. Below are some details which I think may be relevant.


      Tableau workbook being downloaded is version 10.0

      Tableau 10.5 is being used to open the files


      TabCmd 10.5.3 is being used to download the workbook from a Tableau Server 10.5.3

      The TabCmd command being used to download workbook is given below


      tabcmd get "/views/A1a_IncomeStatement_Input_Template_QoQ/A1a_IncomeStatement_QoQ.twb" -f "C:\Users\abcsdf\Desktop\CCAR 907\A1a\A1a_IncomeStatement_QoQ.twb"


      If anymore details are needed let me know. Any help would be much appreciated.