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    rememberCustomViewAsync not saving date selection

    Eric Summers

      We are using the JavaScript method rememberCustomViewAsync so users can save custom views. Everything is saving correctly except for a date field that is backed by a parameter and calculated field combo. The parameter (Date Type) allows a user to choose which type of date is filtering the view and the calculated field looks like this:



          CASE [Date Type]

              WHEN "Start Date" THEN [Start Date]

              WHEN "Due Date" THEN [Due Date]

              WHEN "Completed Date" THEN [Completed Date]



      The problem is that when a custom view is saved by the user, it does not save the Date field range. Date is setup as a slider and I am wondering if that or the parameter piece is impacting this.


      Have any of you experienced a problem with parameters/dates and saving custom views?


      Tableau Desktop 10.1

      Tableau Server 10.1