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    Aligning Automatic Axis Ranges

    Ryan Brown

      So I have a series of box plots, each set so that the whiskers range all the way to the minimum/maximum points.


      Each box plot is on another sheet, and stacked vertically on a dashboard.


      I have the axis ranges set to automatic, such that all of the points show no matter the range of the data. To me, this should mean that tableau leaves a certain static gap from each endpoint to the end of the axis (why wouldn't it, seeing as this gap is entirely independent from the range of the data and is purely aesthetic).


      If this were the case, however, the ends of each whisker would align perfectly. This is not the case. The ends tend to align, mostly, but every once in a while, usually when the range is much higher, the end points move wildly.


      Is there any way to ensure that the end points of each chart line up when stacked vertically, subjective to their respective axis ranges. Really just need to have the same exact spacing between end point and axis end.