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    Cannot blend the secondary data source because one or more fields use an unsupported aggregation.

    Diego Navarro

      Tableau Desktop 2018.1 Connected to Tableau Server as Main DS and Live Connection to an excel file as secundary DS


      Hello guys


      I know this is going to be kind of hard to fully understand since I am not able to upload the workbook because of the confidential data and the (I think) inherent nature of the issue below, but let's give it a try and see your thoughts


      I am building a report that provides custom drivers depending on the user selection as following (See attached PNG 01 for visualization):


      Yield = Volume / Surface                        (PNG 02)


      Volume = Crates, Pounds or Kgs           (PNG 03)

      Surface = Acres or Hectares                  (PNG 04)


      As soon as I bring the Yield to the Measure Values the Data Table gets grayed and the error text box shows up (PNG 06)

      The thing is that if I bring the Yield to another Sheet everything is ok (PNG 07). I know this issue is caused because of the mix of measures from the different data sources but had no idea how to solve it


      Also, If I try to get YTD Surface then I get error (PNG 09) but when I try the exact same formula for volume I get no issues at all (PNG 08)


      If I'm missing something please let me know


      Any Comment or question will be appreciated


      Best Regards