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    August 2018 User Group - Visualization Workshop

    Jefferson McMillan - Wilhoit

      Summer brings with it images of beaches, block parties, and travel...but what about Visualizations? This summer, the Chicago Tableau User Group will be hosting its quarterly meet-up and as part of the discussions, we will be hosting a Visualization workshop! It is aimed at seeing the different ways one might approach a set of data.


      Today, we are posting the data for everyone to download and start playing with. We encourage everyone to download the Tableau Extract Files posted here and start wrangling and visualizing. 


      Between now and the August meeting, we will be posting snippets of what we are up to in the data. We would love to see what you are doing too! Feel free to use this thread as a landing point for any questions related to the data, fun facts you find, or techniques you use. Who knows, your technique might end up being showcased in the workshop during the meeting!


      Happy Wrangling!


      Jefferson, Heather, Imran, and Ram

      Chicago Healthcare TUG Leadership Team