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    Aggregating Measures but NOT Shapefile Polygons

    Jalen Asperger



      I have created a map using a census tract shapefile to visualize certain demographics by area. I have a number of records per census tract area and want to aggregate the values for each census tract, but not the census tracts themselves. If I uncheck "aggregate measures" in the analysis dropdown, things seem good, but I only get one record per census tract regardless of how many records are actually for that census tract. If I leave "aggregate measures" checked, Tableau aggregates all the shapefile polygons together into one big block because they are considered a measure (that cannot be changed to a dimension).


      Is there a way to aggregate the records for the census tracts, but not the tracts themselves? I want to visualize certain statistics by census tract (mean, median, count, etc.), but can't if Tableau continues to aggregate the census tracts together.


      I'll attach a packaged workbook (Tableau 10.4) to demonstrate my issue.


      Appreciate the help!