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    How do I display records for a specific date selected?

    Justin Happ

      I would like to know if there is a way for Tableau to display the records that are on the date selected.


      For example, my data set has multiple records, each with a Session Date (Date & Time).


      There are several markets, and I would like to see which markets have records on a specific date.

      The goal is to have the user select from filters:


      Month = _____
      Week = ______

      Day = _______


      And then it will display the amount of entries for each market that fits the date filters.


      Please let me know if this could be possible, I tried a calculated field:


      count(  if [Session Date] = [Date_Parameter] then [Order_ID]) end )


      Where the Date_Parameter is:


      but I just get the error "Can't compare datetime and string values".


      Please help in any way, I appreciate it. Thank you in advance.