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    Creating Drill Down Map in Tableau 10.5

    Kevin Ji


      I have been attempting to create a drill down map that goes from a Country - > State -> State County(s) -> Zipcode level, but was running into numerous stumps. The idea for the dashboard is that it will only display one map that the users interact with to drill down, instead of having a button as a sheet selector.


      I've been attempting to follow this guide:Tableau Public. But I'm having a hard time deducing the logic behind why I need to setup my workbook in this manner and lost as to some quirks that I've run into that their example didn't quite cover.(Example: When attempting to use the quick filter option to set the drill up functionality, on my Zipcode level I could not even see the option to select the next detail level up, State Counties, as an option for the filter.)


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Kevin

          see the attached


          I just rebuilt the d/b and sheets first by moving the geo dimensions into a hierarchy


          then each sheet has a filter similar to this ( ex state,city,county etc)



          the filters are set to true



          then to create the viz



          then you need to put each of the sheets into the same vertical container



          do that for each sheet


          then HIDE the tiles - when the sheet is empty it essentially disappears (but not the title)


          the sheets will now swap - I did not try to interpret the data - you will need to decide what data to show

          the "show can be different on each sheet





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            Kevin Ji

            Hi Jim,


            The method that you utilized in your example isn't quite what I'm looking for, I was trying to implement the dashboard map to be the interactive sheet swap/filter instead of having users use a button like the sheet swap parameter you had and I was also trying to get the final detail/level to display a map of the zipcode areas.


            Which brings me to another quirk that I noticed, where I found that the Zipcode doesn't seem to want to assign itself to the Hierarchy like how Country, State, and County do inside of the Edit Locations section. This quirk I think also doesn't allow me to set up a sheet swap filter for that view that displays a zipcode map.


            Edit Locations for County Map:

            Edit Locations for Zipcode Map:

            Zipcode Filter Calculation quirk:


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              Jim Dehner


              I picked up the swap sheet parameter because it appeared that was what you wanted to use as a means of swapping out the sheet - are yo saying you don't want to use the parameter?


              if so how do you think you want the sheets to be filtered?  -


              see the attached

              I did not have trouble assigning the zip to the hierarchy

              see attached




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                Kevin Ji



                Like I said I want to filter/swap out the sheets by interacting with the map itself, in essence using action filters to swap out the views to the later details.


                Also in regards to the zipcode hierarchy issue, I was able to assign it but my problem is that when you expand out the created hierarchy in the marks it doesn't allow you to create a map of the zipcodes using the Map marker type which is the final detail level that I want, the only way I've been able to get the zipcode to work with the Map mark type is by dragging the zipcode directly into the markers but the issue with that is if you see my 2nd screenshot from earlier it breaks the chain of the hierarchy(at least when you go to edit the locations) which causes numerous quirks.


                Screenshot Example of the zipcode sheet I'm aiming for:


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                  Jim Dehner


                  That is a bit more complex than expected on the forum

                  see the link below for a step by step example


                  Drilling ‘Through’ a Tableau Map – The Missing Piece! – tableau it!



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                    Kevin Ji

                    Yeah, I've tried that method in multiple variations but the furthest I ever got with those action filter methods was that I was able to hide certain views on the dashboard but whatever view is left over never automatically adjusts itself to fit the container. As far as I can tell the base problem seems to be that Tableau 10.5 doesn't allow views to auto adjust to fit containers anymore.