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    Highlight and Scroll to Target

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      Hi all,


      I'm working on a viz that includes a scatterplot and long table (N=320). I currently have a highlight action set so when a unit is selected in the scatterplot, it is highlighted in the table. However, since the table is long, it can be difficult to scroll through the table to find the highlighted unit (I want to keep other units visible so user can see where the chosen unit falls in the ranking).


      I was wondering if it possible to set a highlight action to scroll to the selected unit automatically? I came across a similar post asking about this https://community.tableau.com/ideas/2500?signin=180f0edceff27618cebfe96d4ee1edf4 but its from 2013 so I wasn't sure if Tableau had since implemented this feature or if anyone had figured out a way to make this work?




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          Matt Lutton

          Would it be acceptable to add a filter along with the highlight action? That would give you just the one value and highlight it, but not sure if it causes other issues for you.


          i see you are ranking so filtwring would alter that, if you are using a Table Calc. Providing a TWBX along with mocked up expected results is ideal on this forum whenever possible - you can either sample your own data and randomize in excel or use one of the data sources that ship with Desktop.


          I do not know of any way to achieve an auto scroll with a highlight action but there may be alternate approaches that provide the same end result. If, for example, you could calculate the rank in the database a filter would not impact the rank as it does wit’s a table calc.