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    Fixed values in X Axis

    Gaurav Mantro


      I would like to fix values (manually) on the x axis (dimension). e.g. I would like to show data for pre-defined possible values on X Axis, irrespective of whether those values are in current records or not. As we collect more values, there will be data records for those values but we would like to keep the look and feel consistence.


      e.g. I would like X axis  (Dimension  'Feedback' )to have values Worst, Neutral, Best. Now it is quite possible that for initial 2 months there may not be any records that has 'Worst' as value for 'Feedback' BUT we would like to show that on X axis, even if there are no records.


      Thanks for your help !!


      ps - I have attached the workbook. As you can see the data collected so far has only 2 values in Feedback, Neutral and Best. BUT there are 3 possible values Worst, Neutral and Best. NOW Tableau has no way of knowing possible values which are not in the data. I am trying to have a bar chart with a label for Worst, although the corresponding bar height will be 0, since we do not have any entries for Worst so far.