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    Outgoing email setup for Tableau Subscriptions on Azure VM

    Aaron Cowper

      As of Nov 2017 Azure VMs now block all outgoing email to external domains (see https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/mast/2017/11/15/enhanced-azure-security-for-sending-emails-november-2017-update/).


      So in order to get Tableau Subscriptions working an alternative to a basic SMTP server is required, so I've been trying to setup SendGrid to work with Tableau without much luck.


      To date I've done the following:

      - I'm running an Azure Windows Server 2016 VM and have Tableau working fine and accessible from the outside web

      - Created a SendGrid account, setup an API key and validated my company's domain (shop-grok.com)

      - Tested that I can send outgoing emails from the Azure VM using a Windows Powershell script (using this template https://gist.github.com/pkskelly/0b16f9892234e88c50c3)

      - Enter the following as my Tableau SMTP settings:


      user = apikey

      pass = <MY_API_KEY>

      From/to emails are both from my validated domain


      I've then tried adding subscriptions within Tableau but am not receiving any emails.


      I've checked Windows Event Viewer and can see some Tableau errors (#4096) around the time I was testing subscriptions but the information provided is very difficult to interpret.


      Has anyone used SendGrid with Tableau or can suggest another solution when using Azure?