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    Growth Calculation

    Shruthi B S

      Hi Everyone,


      Require help in dynamically displaying required qtrs , QoQ and YoY Growth. In my attached reference workbook i have simulated the data here.

      In my dashboard, i want to dynamically display only current qtr, previous qtr and previous year same qtr and their respective QoQ & YoY growths.

      Eg., If current Qtr is 2019Q2, then i want to show only 2019Q2,2019Q1 & 2018Q2 sales in view along with YoY & QoQ growth.

      YoY growth is calculated as ((2019Q2 sales - 2018Q2 sales)/2018Q2 sales)

      QoQ growth is calculates as ((2019Q2 sales - 2019Q1 sales)/2019Q1 sales)


      Next Qtr this view should dynamically change to 2019Q3,2019Q2 & 2018Q3.